Shayna's Shadows

Shayna's Shadows by Paul Philip Brown

Calling people names:

Is it harmless fun?

Or is it a dangerous first step towards bigotry?

Shayna's arrival at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Junior High School begins well until her Jewishness attracts the wrong kind of attention. Gilbert and his friends seem to be lurking everywhere, and it doesn't look as though they'll ever leave her alone.

From Yorkdale Shopping Centre to the underground city beneath Toronto, from SkyDome to the Young People's Theatre, Shayna struggles to find the courage to confront her tormentors before their hurtful prejudices overwhelm her.

Compelling reading for 11 - 15 year olds

Does your school need to deal with bullying, prejudice, or bigotry? Are you a teacher searching for a compelling story to open the door to productive class discussion? Shayna's Shadows is a useful tool to help your students grapple with the difficult issues of racism and intolerance.

Shayna's Shadows introduces a youngster from an ethnic group who arrives at a new school and encounters bullying, bigotry, and prejudice—difficulties many young people face today. Shayna overcomes her problems through reliance on her own inner resources, as well as on the help of a number of significant others in her junior high school, religious, and community environments.

This absorbing story gets students involved from the first page. Set in Toronto, locations vary widely, from Yorkdale Shopping Centre to the underground city beneath the major downtown financial buildings, from school and home to SkyDome (since renamed the Rogers Centre) and the Goodyear blimp, from Toronto's first post office to Union Station and the Young People's Theatre.

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What teachers are saying about Shayna's Shadows

'A good introduction to racism for any junior class. Events in the novel triggered great discussions. And a good starter for Safe School discussions. Students need to know what Board policy is on bullying, harassment and racism.'

- Joanne Laing
Pierre Laporte Middle School
Toronto District School Board




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What students are saying about Shayna's Shadows

'A great novel study book.'
- J

'Very good for teaching us that prejudice is a bad thing, and what the consequences are.'
- M

'Very realistic. A book that shouldn't be missed!'
- K

'Should be read by schools across Canada and the U.S. because it teaches children about racism.'
- C

'An interesting and compelling story, emotional and dramatic. Highly recommended for middle school students.'
- A

'A good example of how far bullies can go, and how much pain one victim of bigotry can feel.'
- J